Obama vs. Clinton: Who is More Syntactically-Complex?

March 31, 2008

Words in language need each other – they even depend on each other! For example, in the sentence We do everything we can, the noun, everything depends on the verb, do. These are called dependencies. Dependencies in language are a signature of more complex language. If a speaker uses a greater number of dependencies, then their language is more complex. Dependencies are a way to syntactically analyze language.

In this blog, we ask Who is more complex? Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? click here to read it 

By VR and the IIS WordWatchers


One Response to “Obama vs. Clinton: Who is More Syntactically-Complex?”

  1. Dear Professor Pennebaker and Graduate Assistant Teammates,
    Yesterday’s article in the “Austin American Statesman” truly peeked my curiosity regarding writing and health. It is advice that I have always offered to children, siblings and friends who are enduring stressful situations. Undoubtedly, writing for consecutive days would prove to be even more cathartic!

    Additionally, your research on language and personality may render some profound insight, as well.

    Although I am presently a high school Communications teacher, I have long and deep interest in linguistics and language usage. If you have strong need of extra assistants for the graduate research which will be ongoing this summer, I would be interested.

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